Personnel & Expertise

Harry D. Hagerty, P.E.

Mr. Hagerty has over 38 years of professional experience focusing on power electronics, AC & DC motor drives and soft starters and is a recognized expert in solid state electronics engineering for energy conversion involving electrical to mechanical, mechanical to electrical and electrical to electrical controllers. He has broad experience in control system engineering, including analysis, design, and production. He has power system analysis experience and has designed SCR AC reduced voltage starters, DC motor drives, and IGBT power electronics. In addition to his specific engineering credentials, he has two decades of experience in research and development and P&L management.

Circuit Board Design

The team has over 28 years of experience focused on the design of printed circuit boards, power supplies/power converters and test fixtures for the defense, transit, industrial and medical markets. In particular, experience in analog circuits, gate drivers, and switching power supplies. In addition, design of microprocessors with all major platforms, fail safe hardware, isolation and sensing circuits, digital/FPGA circuits, and embedded UART, ENET and USB Comm. Experience in PC board layout in Altium and ORCAD.

Software and Systems Design

The team has over 23 years of experience focusing on software and systems design for the transit and industrial markets. A core focus on software engineering while leading large or small teams of engineers to implement construction projects of scale with various internal and external contractors. Specific expertise in Client / Server Control System Software Design and Implementation, including SCADA Integration, software protocol design and implementation, PC Board Layout in Altium and UL Compliance Testing. Proficiency in safety software in multiple languages and microprocessor design with all major platforms.

Embedded and PC software

The team has over 16 years of experience in embedded and PC software and microprocessor based hardware design, specializing in transit systems, IGBT power systems and LED Message Signage. Product development and expertise in circuit design of embedded/PC software, including C/C++, C# (including WPF), Delphi/Pascal and VB, microprocessor-based digital hardware design, FPGA design (VHDL), and solid modeling. Team development of network communications and protocols, PC board layouts, CNC Fabrication. A variety of his projects included PCB assembly and repair.

Solid State Control of AC & DC motors

The team has over 45 years of professional experience in solid state controls for AC and DC motors, synchronous motors and control circuits for the industrial and municipal markets. Business management for providing technical services and solutions for the industrial and commercial markets. Core competencies include solid state power controls, process integration, field retrofit applications, sales and marketing, problem solving solutions, application solutions, quality control, vendor and site audits.

Circuit board manufacturing and testing

The team has over 8 years of professional experience focusing on the manufacturing and testing of printed circuit boards as well as the development of test fixtures and procedures. Core competencies include design for manufacturability and testability, IPC-A-610 Acceptability of electronic assemblies, functional test design, in-circuit test design, printed circuit board manufacturing, PC board failure analysis, PC board layout in Altium and OrCAD, PC board repair.